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Selected by Organisations such as the Library of Congress in the US, the Royal National Institute of the Blind in the UK and O2/Virgin Media.

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Key Benefits

Providing interfaces where sight and are touch are not viable and intelligent outcomes are required.

Reducing headcount through context & intention aware voice based automation.


The RealDialog Platform allows for users to engage with machines using a voice interface to get things done.  RealDIALOG  is:

Goal Driven – Understands human intent, not just words (like Alexa, Siri etc does).

Contextual – Appreciates the situation or current environment when attempting to achieve goals.

Multi-tasking – Users can pause any activity, go onto another activity then return to the original activity.

Scalable – Can handle multiple conversations with a user simultaneously, through to millions of users.

Natively multilingual

Fast to deploy – New domains of knowledge and activity can be added in weeks.

Private – Solutions are licensed into a domain and the customer relationship and all engagement is owned by the licensee.

Why is it Better​?

Other Voice based systems don’t understand what is being said.  Instead they map out all possible permutations they can hear with an appropriate response.  This limits them to simple outcomes and not being able to deal with the messiness of actual dialogue between humans.

RealDialog, can deal with “messy conversations” and act in the best interest of the user. With our Dialogue Engine & BDI agents we have achieved something no one else can do.

Coherent Extrapolated Volition (CEV) is a term developed by Eliezer Yudowsky, meaning the AI acts on what you are trying to achieve, rather than what you are saying you want to achieve.  RealDialog is the only platform available that achieves this goal of “Friendly Ai”. 

Millions of Use Cases

Any roles where there is an intersection between intelligence and physicality can benefit from Real Dialog. 

Provision of Health & Aged Care Services where administrative logging is onerous and or impact of failure is high.

Industrial High Risk Applications where eyes and hands are required elsewhere.

Professional Services environments where travelling time can be utilized more effectively.

Customer care solutions where a lack of intelligent system response is damaging brand.

Customer engagement solutions that require scalability that require support for complexity.

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“The single button and voice controls are impressive and simple to use”

Our RealSAM service which sits on the Real Dialog Platform has taken the UK by storm. Watch two of our happy customers trying the new Be My Eyes capability, which means that sighted assistance is always on tap if you need it.