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Real Thing awarded ARC linkage grant with RMIT University

Real Thing is proud to announce that we have successfully secured an ARC Linkage Grant with RMIT University.

“Spoken Conversational Search: Contextual interactive techniques to support effective information search over a speech-only communication channel.”

Speech interaction with machines and mobile devices is becoming a ubiquitous reality. However, the challenge of effective discovery and presentation of search results over a speech-only channel has not received much attention from the Information Retrieval research community.

This project proposes developing effective search via speech by developing an interactive conversational approach, particularly for intent recognition and result presentation. Such techniques will be transformational for universal information access, enabling efficient and effective access where visual display of results is unavailable: e.g. use by the visually impaired, or situations requiring hands-free operation, such as driving or operating machinery.

Investigators: Dr. Lawrence Cavedon (RMIT), Prof. Mark Sanderson (RMIT), Prof. Lin Padgham (RMIT), Prof. Bruce Croft (Uni. Massachussetts at Amherst), Nick Howden (Realthing Entertainment Pty Ltd)

Funder: Australian Research Council, Linkage Projects Scheme