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RealDialogue Applications

Prebuilt Applications Available for Rapid Deployment

RealThing AI has a large library of applications and integrations prebuilt, to support rapid deployment.  These solutions can be quickly modified to integrate your resources, to use your language and to deploy your logic.

Audio based activity logging allows for dramatic increases in productivity and the opportunity to increase the number of revenue events in healthcare scenarios.

  • User “Feeding Mr Smith in Room 8”
  • User “Cutting up the food for Mr Smith in Room 8”

The RealThing Book Library application leads the class, handling:

  • Audio and Text based books in multiple languages.
  • Multiple Libraries with instant streaming rather than waiting for download.
  • Voice based search across meta data, including author, title, subject, genre, series, edition, narrator and more.
  • User configurable bookshelves to manage their content.
  • User navigation support including across titles, including multiple bookmarks, speed changes, jumping via time and book structure, in book searching.


Use Cases Include:

  • Provision on Library Service
  • Hands free Manual Access

Integrating the RealDialog platform into operations allows for real time course correction of operational staff to reduce error rates and mitigate risks.

User Says “I’m going to see Mr Smith in Room 9”

Real Dialog <- “Do you mean Mr Smith in Room 8?”

The Real Dialog platform allows for online commerce to occur with preconfigured user credentials.  Either by specific instructions or environmental monitoring.

Use Cases include:

  • Searching a catalogue and ordering a spare parts
  • Logging time spent against a client account, e.g. researching legal precedents by voice whilst driving, then allocating the time spent to a client account.

Under its RealSAM brand, RealThing AI has deployed indoor and outdoor “as the crow flies” navigation solutions.

  • Outdoors, users can label a location, then select it to navigate back to.
  • Indoors, users can select Bluetooth beacons to navigate to.

Although initially deployed for visually impaired users, the applications is also available as a navigation solution for patrons in event spaces and industrial applications outdoors.

Our Information Service allows for the plugging in of third party services, or accessing internal content.   Our RealSAM service users can say things like “What’s the Time in Vietnam?” or “Tell me about Peterborough Cathedral”.

Allows third parties to manage their audio and text content (converted into synthetic speech) via an accesible web interface.

RealSAM has deployed a messaging platform that allows user to:

Compose, Send, Receive, Read and Manage messages all by voice, as well as initiate emergency calls via software configurable triggers.

Allows organisations to manage pools of users and broadcast messages with an accessible web interface.

RealThing AI has developed a voice based survey tool that can be deployed out through any voice enabled interface including Smart Speakers and phone landlines.

The Management Interface allows for survey construction, user management and reporting.

Survey Question types include:

  1. boolean (true/false, yes/no)
  2. ranking – limited to 1 to 5
  3. multiple choice
  4. free text responses

The low running costs of the survey tool support generation of longitudinal data for respondents.  For example a weekly “how are you feeling?” call.

Use Cases include end of engagement surveys, community surveys and more.