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The RealSAM platform is changing the lives of visually impaired people in Australia, the UK and the US.  It is an execution of our Real Dialog Engine designed with talents (capabilities) to aid Blind and Visually Impaired users, in the toughest market for voice technology.

RealSAM Hub

Current interfaces to the RealSAM platform include a Smart Speaker service, running on both Google and Amazon called RealSAM Hub and a voice operated handset (based on an Android phone) called RealSAM Pocket, which has been sold and supported in a number of English speaking markets since 2017.

The Smart Speaker service offers users a rich voice interface that allows them to search for and stream content such as audio books from a variety of libraries, talking newspaper collections, podcasts, talking magazines and radio stations.  No other assistive technology in the area has close to the level of power and sophistication to conduct searches for content with a Natural Language Understanding Engine as the backend.

RealSAM Pocket

RealSAM Pocket

RealSAM Pocket is our software wrapped around a Samsung handset, sold primarily on a  subscription basis to the 2.3% (est.) of the population that are living with sight loss. 

Pocket reduces loneliness and isolation by providing a voice based solution to make calls, messages and manage contacts.

Pocket improves quality of life by allowing voice based search and streaming of books, talking newspapers, audio magazines, podcasts and internet radio stations.

Pocket supports independent living by being an assistive technology device; offering a variety of demanded voice operated tools such as a talking information service, a smart reminder system, emergency assistance alarm, navigation tools, onboard video magnifier and optical character recognition plus the remarkable Be My Eyes service.

The RealSAM platform is actively improving the lives of members of the Blind and Visually Impaired Community.

In the UK, the Royal National Institute of the Blind joint ventured with RealThing Ai to launch the product with their books and magazines, initially naming it RNIB In Your Pocket.

In the USA, our RealSAM platform was selected via competitive tender to prototype the National Library Service arm of the Library of Congress, to be their chosen platform for delivering their audio book library.

"The single button and voice controls are impressive and simple to use”

Our RealSAM service which sits on the Real Dialog Platform has taken the UK by Storm. Watch two of our happy customers trying the new Be My Eyes capability, which means that sighted assistance is always on tap if you need it.

The RealSAM Terms and Conditions EULA are available here (PDF).