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The Real Dialog Platform

Real Dialog is our cutting edge Conversational AI engine, available for licensing.

It has been proven in the toughest possible market – blind users who demand voice only interfaces.  It was also chosen by the largest non-commercial audio library in the world as its user interface.

Understands Human Intent, not just words

Intelligent actions in context to achieve user goals

Mult-tasking. Handles multiple conversations in parallel

Multiple languages, using the same dialog reasoning

Speed to market - add new dialog domains in weeks

RealThing Ai has created a breakthrough in the way people and technology work together, through natural spoken dialogue and intelligent reasoning. It works in unlimited domains and is driven by human intent. Our Real Dialog engine inherently reasons about both knowledge and action. Building on its own 4th generation software agents that deliver Belief, Desire, Intent (BDI) reasoning, RealThing Ai has extended this to include powerful interactive dialogue concepts. The resulting BDI-Dialog engine is a breakthrough in creating natural interactions between people and devices.

Our platform, which uses AWS servers to scale globally, is based on 30 years of R&D in Aerospace and Defence.

The technology is available for both organisational and industry specific licensing. Please enquire via the Australian Office.

Goal Driven – Real Dialog is unique in the world of voice technology in that it utilizes BDI intelligent agents to get things done. Its focus is on actions and outcomes, not just providing information.   

Contextual – BDI (Belief-Desire-Intent) Agents separate out the selection of a solution plan from the actual execution of a solution and undertakes the work in context of the environment. 

What does this mean?  Users are not locked into a one size fits all approach. User needs are understood by the engine and the best solution for that moment in time for that user is undertaken, e.g. leaving a building by the elevator is a great idea, unless the building is on fire.

Multi-tasking – Real Dialog’s unique multithreaded design means it’s natively multitasking.  Users can pause any activity, go on to another activity then return to the original activity.

In practice this means answering a phone call whilst searching for a book, or checking the weather whilst booking an airline ticket is natively achievable.

This makes Real Dialog unique in the world of voice technology where all other applications are single mindedly trying to achieve a single goal.

Scalable – Real Dialog’s modular approach uses AWS servers that are spun up on demand as load dictates, providing an almost infinite scalable solution.

Natively multilingual – Real Dialog logic is language independent. Designed by a team that natively spoke English, Swedish & Spanish – the input and output language files for a domain of knowledge can be rapidly deployed.  A major benefit for any multi-nationational wishing to localize its voice strategy.   

Fast to Deploy – Real Dialog separates out the logic and the language of a domain, and the external resources.

Not locking together language and logic means that models or language can be refined without it being a major overhaul.  New features can be added in quick sprints.

Private – Real Dialog doesn’t snoop.  User input is captured when the user decides and is held for a required period (24 hours usually) before being overwritten.

This is a completely different approach to using a solution based on public platforms such as Siri and Alexa, where 1000’s of researchers may be reviewing dialog captured inadvertently.