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Nick Howden interviewed about Artificial Intelligence

Nick Howden, CEOReal Thing CEO, Nick Howden was recently interviewed by several magazines to discuss the issues and dilemmas around the use of artificial intelligence arising from the recent sci-fi thriller movie, Chappie.

Men’s magazine Maxim explored the pros and cons and impacts of AI in our lives, as well as the future directions and moral issues arising from our growing use of AI.  Read the article at the link below.

Tech Magazine PC Tech Authority explored with Nick, the potential problems and possible negative outcomes that might emerge from human’s increasing reliance on artificial intelligence and technology.  Some of these potentially dangerous scenarios were highlighted in the movie Chappie.,not-quite-human-the-future-of-intelligence.aspx

Tech Magazine, PC Power Play, was interested in how close we are to replicating and duplicating (or uploading and backing-up) the human mind into an artificial intelligence, as depicted in Chappie and how far we are from ‘truly self aware AI’.  The article also explores with Nick, the fascinating issues around whether we as humans can responsibly create and control AI, as well as other interesting AI dilemmas.  Read it in full at the link below.,405498