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Getting things Done with Software

Software allows you to get things done either virtually or in the real world.  e.g. Pressing a button, may place an order or close a gate. 

Connecting a Voice Interface  to Software allows you to get things done by voice.  e.g. “What’s the Weather Forecast for Today?” or “Turn on the lights”

This approach falls down when you get to real world complexity, like wanting to check the weather whilst ordering an airline ticket.  Or wanting to know how to exit a building, when the environment is  changing (like the building is catching fire).

Enter Intelligent Agents

Intelligent Agents do three major things.  They allow for complexity in what they do (like people changing their minds!) and they can act by being either commanded, or acting autonomously in the background, and they learn.

BDI Agents (Belief, Desires, Intent) Agents are more evolved again, having been design to have an understanding of an environment (Beliefs), understanding of Goals (Desires) and then the  selected approach to achieving the goals (Intent). 

Imagine Intelligent Agents that senses which patient’s room the Nurse is in, knows their medication history for today and is monitoring their vitals!  That Agent can make unpromoted suggestions into a Bluetooth Headset and updated voice records the Nurse makes!

The Real Dialogue Platform

A clipart picture of a robot.

Real Dialogue is unique in that its a  platform for building Building Voice Operated BDI Agents.  Its Agents are:

  • Easy to learn and use with the most natural and forgiving of interfaces (Natural Language Understanding).
  • Private.  Data is flushed every 24 hours and their is no backend team listening in and analyzing.
  • Can muti-task, allowing users to pause an instruction and deal with issues or commence another plan or even change their mind.
  • Open to innovation, allowing other areas of AI to be plugged in.
  • Is not a Black Box, you know why it acts the way it does.
  • Is accurate (It doesn’t hallucinate and knows when it doesn’t know)
  • It acts autonomously, so they work when your not!
  • Its focused on achieving goals, not process focused
  • Is proven in the most demanding of situations (we work with visually impaired people in the US &UK under our RealSAM brand).